Yoga Hatha & Vinyasa Flow


Hatha – Moving with Ease

The Hatha classes are gentle and beginner friendly. The focus of these classes is on listening to the body and helping you to find a better posture, release tension and increase the range of motion. Because of this, you will feel more energised throughout the day. In all my classes you can expect to receive a lot of hands on ajustments.

Classes may also involve balancing, breath practices, chanting, self-evaluation, meditation and good rest. A lot of people affirm that they feel calm and peaceful after class.

Vinyasa Flow  Yoga – Moving with Breath

In the Vinyasa class, we flow from one movement into the next guided by our breath. We start gently to give the body time to wake up, then move into more energised and stronger postures towards the middle and end. The Vinyasa (moving with breath) assists in creating heat in the body which removes toxins and helps with flexibility.

“Yoga has been part of my life for quite some years, a simple daily 30 min practice, helping me to feel physically better, increasing my flexibility and making me feel more energised throughout the day.

In 2017 I followed the Contemporary Yoga teacher training in Auckland with teachers Neal Ghoshal, Karla Brodie and Vincent Bolletta and started teaching gentle Hatha, Vinyasa flow and later Ashtanga LED classes.

The teacher training opened my eyes, inquiring us to feel from where we move and how this can be done with more ease. This is not only beneficial for a yoga class but for daily life. In my classes, I like to share this knowledge with others.

I regularly follow Ashtanga workshops with Peter Sanson, deepening my understanding of yoga and experiencing the healing* benefits of this practice. The profoundness of Yoga has left me in awe many times. I feel deep gratitude for this teaching.

*In our body, the way we carry our emotions (our beliefs) is visible in our posture and how we move. When we start to open these stuck areas by yoga or other practices, trauma (as little as it may be) is released. Most of the time, this trauma needs to be experienced (felt) after which more space arises; this influences the opening of the Nadis (or channels) through which our life force / energy flows, increasing our health and vitality.”

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